color: Mercury / Optical
color: Mercury / Optical

Eldridge 48 Optical


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Step 1

Upload your prescription with doctors note. Please make sure the photo is in focus and your doctor’s name and phone number are clear.

color: Mercury / Optical

About this frame

The Eldridge 48 Optical is customizable and adaptable to all types of personality: from the introvert to the extrovert. This square-shaped lens and men’s shape allows a classic yet modern downtown look. Because of the rounded edges, this cool but classic frame works well with many different face shapes and sizes.


* Please be sure to include your PD (Pupil Distance) with your prescription.


The Fit | 48-22-145

The Make | 100% Cellulose Acetate Frame, Polycarbonate Clear Lenses

The Perks | Complimentary Case and Microfiber Pouch

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