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illesteva was founded in 2010 when we saw a need for designer sunglasses with a vintage feel, while integrating contemporary materials. All of our frames are handmade in Italy and France, in concert with the leading manufactures of luxury eyewear. Our focus is to maintain quality while retaining a strong vintage sunglasses aesthetic. Our company has been pushing limits of modern design and creating vintage round sunglasses with both a unique and hand-crafted quality.

Our vintage round sunglasses are the nexus of downtown New York functionality while also being the best beach bag essential. Designer sunglasses for women capture the need for frames that can be timeless and still bring a fresh pop to any outfit, no matter where you are in the world. Our classic tortoise shell sunglasses have become a staple illesteva frame, bringing a vintage sunglasses material to the current mood of fashion.

Durability and the comfortable fit of our designer sunglasses for men is what sets illesteva's longevity aparts. Mixing classic shapes with modern details like mirrored lenses, take you on vacation every time you put them on. Reflect you personal style and embody the independent spirit and product of family-run factories in Italy and France. Our sunglasses are the best travel accessory. Wear them while you're jetsetting to block out the florescent lights and then cut the glare and soak up the wamer weather under a beach cabana.

Introducing glasses shapes to optimize and flatter numerous face shapes, illesteva glasses are a balance between traditional frame silhouettes and universal appeal. Clean lines and modern shapes embody our collection's core, building a playful yet classic frame. Sunglasses are often the first thing people see when they look at you, so lead with an independent spirit that shows that you are not following the trends, but making a statement.

We know it can be difficult shopping for sunglasses online. Our policy of free shipping and free returns puts you as the customer, first. Give it a try, we promise you are going to love being the first of your friends to be a part of something much bigger than just a pair of glasses. Sport the spirit of independent, handmade eyewear.