Carbone x illesteva

Carbone wearing illesteva sunglasses in front of restaurant Carbone sunglasses featured on table next to ashtray, closeup
Inspiration can come from anywhere, and Illesteva is proud to partner with Mario Carbone for the limited edition Illesteva x Carbone collection. Available in 2 different colors, the collection showcases a strong rounded-square frame that offers a bold, New York statement look. Perfect for brunch or your next dinner at Carbone.
 Carbone sunglasses shown on table next to ashtray
Carbone is an Italian-American restaurant started by Mario Carbone. Born and raised in Queens, NY, Mario started his professional culinary career quite young. Carbone restaurant is one of New York's most recognizable restaurants and offers Mario's best dishes inspired by traditional and modern New York cuisine.
Carbone wearing sunglasses in front of chainlink fence
Mario graduated from the Culinary Institute of America at just 22 and would go on to open Carbone 10 years later. As a young cook, Mario has been awarded Best New Chef in America by Food and Wine Magazine and has been nominated for several James Beard Awards.