Greta Optical


Pupil Distance

Upload your prescription with doctors note. Please make sure the photo is in focus and your doctor’s name and phone number are clear.

PD is the distance between your pupils, and it's used to help center a prescription correctly in your frames.

Place any card with a magnetic strip under your nose and snap a photo. Make sure the card is touching your face, with the strip facing outward and right side up.

About this frame

The round frame takes its name from the actress Greta Garbo who portrayed oh-so-many memorable on-screen heroines. Though the frame is easy and simple, it possesses a certain enigmatic air that gives the wearer the utmost comfort and confidence in their skin – not unlike the Swedish star herself. Greta best fits an oval face shape.


* Please be sure to include your PD (Pupil Distance) with your prescription.


The Fit | 48-20-140

The Make | Acetate, Polycarbonate Clear Lenses

The Perks | Complimentary Case and Microfiber Pouch