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Miami Guide

Discover Miami's newest up-and-coming neighborhood: Little River. Just north of Wynwood, it's renowned for its vibrant culture, captivating food and restaurant scene, eclectic shops and more. Dive into our curated selection of top spots that showcase the very best it has to offer.
Imperial Moto cafe featuring a red sports car
Our Favorite Coffee:
Imperial Moto

Designed to "elevate your coffee experience", Imperial Moto is a must-visit coffee shop on 2nd Ave. Fueled by Miami Entrepreneur Matt McKenna's devotion to vintage motorcycles and his vision of a quintessential rendezvous for enthusiasts, it's the perfect locale for a much needed coffee or quick bite to eat.

Lower East Coast interior with books and clothes featured
Our Favorite Skate Shop
Lower East Coast

Lower East Coast, once a charming bookstore and now transformed into an essential electric skate shop, offers exclusive apparel collections, a trove of unique books and a plethora of distinctive accessories. Housing renowned brands such as Marni, IDEA, and Carhartt W.I.P., it's our ultimate destination for everyday essentials.

La Natural restaurant interior lounge
Our Favorite Pizza
La Natural

Born from the "al fresco" gatherings of Javier Ramirez and Andreina Matos in their own Miami, Florida backyard, La Natural sprouted from the tradition of hosting friends and family for sourdough pizzas paired with natural wines. With a menu that's deliberately concise, this spot is guaranteed to captivate even the most particular pizza connoisseurs.

Dale Zine bookstore interior
Our Favorite Bookstore
Dale Zine

Launched with a mission to "celebrate the city's independent voices in an engaging, welcoming setting," Dale Zine emerges as an unmissable destination—a blend of captivating bookshop and art haven. Offering distinctive exhibitions, iconic magazines, and unconventional housewares, Dale Zine stands as an essential stop in Little River.

Boai De restaurant interior bar area featuring a working bartender
Our Favorite Restaurant
Boia De

Boia De, a Michelin-starred culinary gem, is a chef-driven restaurant known for its fusion of modern American cuisine tinged with a robust Italian essence. Chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer curate a culinary narrative, showcasing delectable dishes like the Sunchoke Caramelle and the Lamb Ribs Fra Diavola. Elevate your dining experience with a bottle of terroir-driven wine, and get ready for an unforgettable and unparalleled meal.

Ogawa restaurant interior bar area
Our Favorite Sushi

Renowned Venezuelan restaurateur Alvaro Perez Miranda, acclaimed for Hiyakawa, Wabi Sabi, and Midorie, recently unveiled Ogawa Miami, a non-traditional omakase restaurant. Aptly named "small river" in Japanese, Ogawa, spearheaded by master sushi chef and co-owner Masayuki Komatsu, redefines the omakase experience by granting diners the freedom to dictate their dining pace. Unlike the conventional fixed menu, patrons can express their fish preferences and even select the number of pieces they want. This exceptional restaurant is a gem,and  an absolute must-visit that defies convention with its unique approach.

Rosie's Brunch restaurant patio area
Our Favorite Brunch

Husband-and-wife duo Chef Akino and Jamila West joined forces to birth Rosie's, a charming Southern-style brunch oasis. Here, familiar offerings with a twist like Deviled Eggs with chicharrons and Gulf White Shrimp & Grits grace the menu, while twinkling garden lights help set the vibe. Nestled in a breezy, outdoor setting along 2nd Ave, this hotspot sits at the heart of the city. Reservations are highly recommended, but trust us, the experience is worth the effort.