Our Story

In 2010, the accessories market was lacking a fresh twist on classic sunglasses, so Illesteva was created. Our goal is to impart a modern edge to timeless shapes through the integration of contemporary materials. We work with leading manufacturers of luxury eyewear in some of the smallest family-owned factories in Italy and France. With no two frames exactly alike, our eyewear pushes the limits of modern design while retaining the unique benefits of high-quality craftsmanship. Illesteva aims to bring comfort to the modernized and revisited classic by updating them with clean lines and modern shapes. We believe in offering a range of frames for every face shape because everyone should be able to express their individuality. Every pair makes a statement.

Our glasses are made of customized acetate in a selection of color combinations, all of which are blended by hand- ensuring that no two pairs are identical. To finish the process, each pair is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards. Eventually our passion for handmade craftsmanship led us to develop a complementary line of leather goods and umbrellas that serve customers regardless of passing trends. As with our eyewear, our accessories are designed with a modern mindset for a simple and practical outcome.